Palm Beach Travel Guide

Monday, April 17, 2023

Palm Beach Florida holds a special place in my heart; it’s a place that has been part of my life since I was a kid. It didn’t officially become my home until a few years ago, but it has been a home of sorts to me for many years before that. For this guide, I wanted to change things up a bit and make it more of a travel guide, so you have a list of different activities to do and restaurants to try while you are here. All the restaurants will be listed first, then the bars/rooftop lounges, followed by a list of activities. Furthermore, I have decided to only list restaurants and bars/lounges that I really enjoyed, and think are worth going to, so you don’t waste your time at anything I would not 100% recommend. 

    *Keé Grill                           *Renato's                             *Cafe Chardonnay 




North Palm Beach: Juno Beach and Jupiter 

1.    Keé Grill: My favorite seafood spot in all of Palm Beach. This place is special; it’s the place I tried fish for the first time and decided I liked it. If you want to start getting into seafood, you need to try it where its good, and this is the perfect spot to do that. The chef here deserves a Michelin star because anything you order is expertly prepared (and you can trust that you won’t find bones or shells in your seafood). The fish is caught local which insures you are getting the freshest fish out there. Almost every time I go, I order the Yellowtail Snapper Piccata with a side of Basmati Rice and Green Beans (this fish entree is not on the menu, but the chef will make it special for you if you ask). The Caesar Salad is a great appetizer, it’s so fresh that you can taste the garlic in the dressing. For drinks, I would suggest the Key Lime Martini (which is a Florida specialty), it has a graham cracker rimmed glass, so every sip tastes like dessert. And for the finale, the desserts. Everything is good, every single thing on the 8-item dessert menu. But if I had to only choose a few I would pick the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake with the caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the Strawberry Shortcake, and the Key Lime Pie (obviously). 

2.    Jetty’s: Another seafood favorite, Jetty’s has a similar vibe to Keé Grill (and is owned by the same people) but is slightly less expensive. It is located right next to a couple other restaurants and bars up in Jupiter and it has a great view of the Jupiter lighthouse on the inlet. Ask for a table outside on the deck so you can see the lighthouse in the moonlight or at sunset. I like coming to Jetty’s because you get an appetizer (soup or salad) included with your meal. I always do the Caesar salad with the Sautéed Snapper and two sides: the twice baked potato (sooo good) and the Fresh Vegetables (which changes daily). For dessert I like the Heath Bar Sundae but I would say that the desserts at Keé Grill are exponentially better. The place is walk-in only, so it can be difficult to get a table within a reasonable timeframe, so I would suggest trying it on an off night (Monday-Wednesday) or during low season. 

3.    UTiki: Right next to Jetty’s, UTiki is a lively spot up in Jupiter that is great for drinks. It’s an outdoor restaurant so if you don’t like eating outside it’s probably not for you. The restaurant has a beautiful view of the water and is nicely set up with lounge chairs down at the beach area to sit and have a drink as well as a large tiki bar. For drinks I would suggest the Tito’s Sunset Lemonade and for food I like the Crispy Chicken Ranch Salad and the Grilled Filet Mignon Medallions. So, throw on your Tommy Bahama shirt and your flip flops and head to UTiki to catch some island vibes. 

4.    Limoncello: All my close friends have heard me talk about this place a million times; it really is that good. It is the best Italian spot in North Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens hands down (arguably better than some of the further South spots as well). My absolute favorite thing on the menu is the Veal Parmigiana. No one does a veal parm like Limoncello. It’s the perfect execution of homemade sauce, fresh mozzarella, thinly pounded veal, and al dente pasta. I also really enjoy the Pasta of the Day which they change up from time to time but is always consistently placed in a hot cheese wheel as the finishing touch. The place has good apps, but I would pass on the dessert, aside from the Napoleon (which you need to order in advance), none of them are that special. 

5.    Seminole Reef Grill: A newly opened spot I just tried out; Seminole Reef Grill is a new favorite of my parents. They really like all the seafood options from shellfish to regular fish, to sushi. They also have a really good cocktail menu and they make a mean Key Lime Martini. I had the Yellowtail Snapper with Mashed Potatoes and Grilled Vegetables, 10/10. 

6.    Sushi Joe’s  Every time I hear this place’s name, the first thing I think of is Larry David and his coffee shop wars in the show Curb Your Enthusiasm. It’s my favorite Japanese place in the area, and the perfect place to order out. It’s a little expensive for takeout Asian cuisine, but I feel like the quality is good, so I do not mind paying the price (and sometimes takeout can be kind of gross so that’s saying a lot). My favorite thing to order is the Chicken Teriyaki with white rice and the side salad. Don’t bother with most of the other Asian cuisine down here, 9 times out of 10 it’s simply not good. 

7.    Sarah’s Kitchen: I would come here for brunch every day for the rest of my life if I could. It is absolutely the best diner like brunch you can get down here. All the fruit is fresh (which is saying a lot because most diner like breakfast spots have crappy fruit options that when it arrives at your table, it looks like it is already days old). The French Toast is absolutely the best thing on the menu, and they have tons of different combinations from Nutella French Toast to French Toast with Berries, to Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast (it’s as if they took a NYC brunch restaurant and plopped it down right in Juno Beach). The Malted Waffles are also good (and in my opinion making a waffle is hard for most restaurants, so if I say they are good, they are good). They don’t take reservations, it is walk-in only, but if there is one place you should go for breakfast when you visit the North Palm Beach area, it should be this one. 

8.    Berry Fresh Cafe: Another breakfast fave, but in my opinion not as good as Sarah’s Kitchen, Berry Fresh has some unique breakfast concoctions. They usually change up the menu seasonally, focusing on what fruit and vegetables are fresh during that time of year. I have tried the Buttermilk Pancakes, the Captain Crunch French Toast, and the Bananas and Blueberries Foster French Toast and will say the Blueberry one was the best. The frying on the Captain Crunch French Toast was not well done, so I would pass, but the Pancakes are a solid choice. The cinnamon buns are amazing, and so are the hash browns. They also do not take reservations; however, you can put yourself on the waitlist on Yelp so you can wait less time in line when you arrive. 

9.    Papa Kwans: A local favorite, Papa Kwans KNOWS what’s up. They have lines out the door every day of the week they are open for breakfast or during the lunch rush (and people WILL wait). They have the best acai bowls in the area (and I am not sure if it’s the granola, the fresh fruit, or the raw honey that makes them taste so good) and a ton of great sandwich options. One of my favorites is the Classic Chicken Caesar wrap. Don’t miss out on trying the pastries either, the banana bread is insane. 

10.3 Natives: Not the best acai bowl place in North Palm Beach but a close second, 3 Natives is a chain juice and smoothie shop in South Florida. I think the juices are the best part about the place. They are kind of expensive compared to something you can get at Trader Joes or Whole Foods in a bottle, but they are fresh and free of preservatives, so you’d just have to be willing to pay for that higher quality.  I really enjoy their green juices, and for acai bowls the Tequesta Dragon, The Local, and the Chronic bowls. 

11.Field of Greens: A newly opened lunch spot in the Seminole Shopping Center, Field of Greens is one of the first salad dedicated spots to open in Juno. It’s an affordable quick service place so it’s easy to grab lunch when you’re on the go or even if you want something to bring to the beach. All the ingredients are fresh and high quality, which I feel is important if you want a good tasting salad. If you go, I would try the Pear Salad, it’s so so good. 

12.Tiramisu: You can dine in, but Tiramisu is more of a takeout place. The pizza is decent (for not being New York pizza), the Chicken Parm is good, but my favorite is the Baked Ziti or the Penne alla Vodka. If you are feeling lazy and craving Italian food, this is the place. 

13.Jupiter Donuts: This donut place is no Dunkin Donuts (if I’m being honest, they don’t even operate in the same universe). It has several locations around Palm Beach, but the original location is in Jupiter. The inside is decorated like an old-fashioned diner making you feel like you have just been transported back into the 50s. They sell over 40 freshly made hand-crafted donuts and change the flavor selection daily. They sell out quickly, so you must be there before 9am. My favorites are the classic Cinnamon Sugar, Blueberry Crème Cheese, French Toast, and Maple Bacon. 


Palm Beach Gardens

1.    The River House: Always a hit whenever I bring people here, The River House has a great location right on the Intercoastal right across from Seasons 52 (which I mention below). The place is great if you want to sit outdoors and has tons of boats that will pull right up and dock at the restaurant to pick up takeout. The vibe inside the restaurant is more upscale and fits the waterside location. I do not personally think the view of the water is as good as Seasons 52, so I usually elect to eat inside to get away from the Florida heat. The restaurant has changed the menu slightly over the years, but my current favorite items would be the Chicken Milanese, The Parmesan Halibut, and the Florida Grouper and you can’t forget the Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. 

2.    Seasons 52: My parents don’t like this place because they claim the menu is too “healthy” for them (if there isn’t a large NY strip and chocolate cake on the menu they are out). But this is one of my go to spots, especially when I have people visit. It’s another seasonal restaurant (thus the name Seasons 52) in which they change the menu every couple months to feature what food is “in season.” It is also calorie/health conscious, which is mostly for the old people down here who have cholesterol and sugar limits per meal, but I personally like knowing what goes into the food I am eating so it doesn’t bother me. In my opinion, the seasonality keeps the menu from getting boring because there are always new items. It would be difficult to name the exact items I enjoy there, but the flatbreads or the scallops and the steaks (which they always have) are very good. Their specialty is their desserts that come in 100 calorie shot glasses. You can choose from a variety of different flavors from Crème Brulé, to Smores, to Cheesecake, and so on. It is usually hard to get outdoor seating, but if you can I would, it has a great view of the Intercoastal with full sun exposure at sunset. Great photo opp. 

3.    Café Chardonnay: I just love this place. Like Keé Grill the entire menu is superb. It’s kind of in a weird area because it’s located in a strip mall next to a Publix… regardless the food is top-notch, and the place has a good ambiance. What to order: drink- German Riesling by the glass, Appetizer- the Pear and Almond Crusted Goat Cheese Salad, Main Course-Seared Scallops and Main Lobster with Pasta or the special which is usually Pan-seared Halibut and Risotto, Dessert- the Cheesecake (not sure what they put in this thing that makes it so sweet and crumbly but it’s a must). 

4.    Rocco’s Tacos (also in West Palm Beach): The best Mexican Spot in Palm Beach hands down. The margaritas are STRONG and the food is cheap with the quality still being impressive. A lot of Mexican restaurants use cheap ingredients to make their food to keep the prices down, but this makes the food look unappetizing and not taste great. This place is the exception: the Quesadillas and Fajitas here are awesome and the Frozen Watermelon Margherita (I could drink these all day long and I am not someone who can really tolerate Tequila anymore). South Florida just knows what’s up when it comes to Mexican food. Plus, the place has a lively atmosphere and is a fun spot to come for drinks on a Thursday night. 

5.    Avocado Cantina: When Rocco’s Tacos closed a couple years ago due to a fire (they have since reopened), this was my new go to Mexican spot near home. It’s in an open-air shopping center in Downtown Palm Beach Gardens which is nice, so if you want to go shopping or grab ice cream after you can. I’ve come here with many different friends, and they all love it. The service is quick, for food they have something for everyone, and the drinks are strong. I usually order: The Kiwi Mojito or Tito’s Watermelon Lemonade, The Chips and Guac to start, and the Chicken Fajitas as an Entrée. 

6.    Cooper Hawk Winery: This is a mall restaurant, so do not expect anything fancy, but they have a large menu serving a lot of different cuisines so whatever you feel like eating that night they most certainly will have it. Also, the place is always crowded so that pretty much confirms its good. The service is slow, so if you want to have a quick dinner, this is not the place, but I haven’t necessarily had anything bad there. Since this place specializes in wine, I would recommend the Lambrusco. You will rarely find this wine served at a restaurant and it’s one of my favorites. It’s a unique slightly sweet sparkling red from Italy. For food I like Shrimp and Scallop Risotto, the Thai Lettuce Wraps, and the Trio of Filet Mignon Medallions. And you must save room for dessert; the desserts here are insane. The best items are the Reese’s Ice Cream Cookie (which they bake in a skillet and throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top) and the Key Lime Pie. 

7.    Tropical Smoothie: Okay so this place isn’t a restaurant but if you live in Florida, you will know what this place is. When my family and I first spent time down here, this was the only place we would pick up lunch from. It’s a healthier fast-food smoothie and sandwich shop that comes out with limited edition or new smoothie flavors every month and the smoothies are massive in size. This isn’t going to be your protein full, low sugar, organic ingredients kind of smoothie though so if you are looking for something like that you are better off checking out some of the other places I’ve mentioned above in Juno/Jupiter. Nevertheless, the smoothies and sandwiches are good, and they are cheap so can’t complain. My personal favorites are the Chicken Pesto Flatbread, Turkey and Cheddar Wrap, the Kiwi Quencher smoothie, Acai Berry Boost, Pomegranate Plunge, and the Sunrise Sunset.

8.    Great Greek Grill: Another fast casual place and probably one of the few Greek food places in the Palm Beach area (but it is possible I haven’t looked hard enough) I like ordering from this place. The food is cheap as Greek food tends to be. I particularly enjoy the Feta Fries, Chicken Souvlaki Skewers with a side of pita and tziaki, and the Spanakopita. Definitely a great place if it’s an order in kind of night. 



West Palm Beach


1.    Pura Vida: Ahhh Pura Vida, my little slice of heaven. All my favorite things sold in one place: smoothies, juices, acai bowls, sandwiches, protein bowls, salads, etc. This West Palm location just opened near Clematis street and right next to this new donut spot called the Salty Donut (which I highly recommend as well!). I love coming here for lunch or a coffee, the quality of everything is top notch. 

2.    Hive Bakery and Cafe: A super cute spot in West Palm with amazing pastries and coffee, this place is the perfect place to brunch. I started out with a Thai Cold Brew coffee which is essentially brewed espresso that’s chilled then added to vanilla flavored coconut cream. It was so good, some of the best coffee I’ve had at a restaurant in a while, and it wasn’t too sweet.  For food I ordered the French Toast with the strawberry rhubarb compote, and it was good, however I think the place performs better in the pastry department. For pastries I would recommend the Bacon Cheddar Chive Scone, the Croissants, and the Peanut Butter cookie. Truthfully all their pastries looked divine, so you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. They also have a home store next door that’s part of the restaurant selling all kinds of Palm Beach themed furniture, desk supplies, and home décor so you can do a little shopping right after you have brunch!

3.    Elisabetta’s: The perfect going out on a Friday or Saturday for dinner and drinks kind of place, Elisabetta’s is a vibey Italian restaurant. It is situated right at the end of Clematis Street, which is the main street in West Palm with tons of restaurants, bars, and clubs. It is well decorated and it’s very lively so it’s a great place to have a drink at the bar with some friends; I recommend the Pineapple Martini or Almond Espresso Martini. It’s also kind of an indoor/outdoor style restaurant where they keep the doors open and there is a ton of nice outdoor seating on the patio. I have tried a lot of the food there, but I will say the best thing on the menu are the Pizzas. I really like regular Margherita Pizza and the Prosciutto e Arugula Pizza. For pasta, the Radiatorre alla Vodka is delicious. They also have a pretty good brunch menu, so if you are looking for a brunch spot with a great location you should try it out!

4.    Sloane’s: So this is not a restaurant, but this is hands down some of the best ice cream I have ever had. Sloane’s is southern based chain dessert shop that sells all kinds of nostalgic candy, ice cream, and various chocolate desserts (fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, cake pops, etc.) to make you feel like a kid again. The place is decorated in bright pink and green with colorful chandeliers and the air literally smells sweet. They have a lot to choose from, but I think their homemade ice cream is the best thing they sell. They make the waffle cones fresh, and all the flavors are wild. My favorite is Birthday Cake (vanilla ice cream with pieces of just baked chocolate cake with buttercream frosting inside it) and Cookie Monster (vanilla ice cream with oreos and homemade chocolate chip cookies). This is not your store-bought Ben and Jerry’s, this is the real deal. Don’t even come at me with “the Dairy Queen blizzard is this and this” it simply is not even in the same universe as Sloane’s. Okay I think I’m done; you get the picture. 


Palm Beach Island 

1.    Henry’s: A great spot for a weekend brunch, Henry’s is a Palm Beach Island favorite right on the main road as you enter the island. Although not on property, it is part of Palm Beach’s iconic resort The Breakers (which I will mention is some place you should visit if you are down here). The restaurant really showcases elevated American comfort food with a hint of nostalgia while also having al fresco dining coupled with great people watching. The dinner menu can be called “limiting” by some people, which is why I would recommend coming for brunch. My favorites on the menu are the Lemon Ricotta Blueberry Pancakes and the Fried Chicken with Red Velvet Waffles. There are also tons of great picture opps nearby with the beautiful bougainvillea flowers of Palm Beach Island. 

2.    Flagler Steakhouse: Sister restaurant to Henry’s, Flagler is an old-school high-end steakhouse. It’s a beautiful restaurant in a really nice location on Palm Beach Island. The Bibb salad to start is a must and you can’t go wrong with any of the steaks there. For sides I recommend ordering the Parmesan Steak Fries and the Macaroni and Cheese Gratin. 

3.    Echo: Not the best Asian food I’ve had in Florida, but pretty decent (since I feel most of the Asian cuisine down here kind of sucks), Echo is a spot down in Palm Beach with a really cool vibe. It screams “Nobu”, but not as expensive. For drinks try the Lychee Martini and for food the Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings and the Sesame Chicken are tasty. 

4.    Renato’s : Extremely high-end Italian spot in Palm Beach Island, Renato’s is the perfect place to come to if you want to dress up nice and have a charming dinner outdoors in a garden. It’s looks like it’s a restaurant straight out of Italy and it’s one the nicest places in Palm Beach Island. Menu items I like are: The Insalata Di Pere, Penne All Vodka, and the Torta di Limoncello. The food overall is very impressive and a lot of wealthy people who live on Palm Beach Island dine there. 




Bars, Rooftop Lounges, Clubs (not the kinds of clubs you are probably thinking):

1.    Cucina- Club in Palm Beach Island An Italian restaurant that turns into a club starting at 10pm, Cucina is a lot like Bagatelle (if you know that that is) except they remove most of the tables at Cucina to make room for a dance floor. They have a Disco Ball (cue the Abba music), great cocktails (and the names are even more iconic than the drinks themselves), a decent DJ (given everyone who goes out around here is over the age of 60), and it’s the perfect place to go if you want to shake things up a little after dinner. My favorite cocktail there is the “Green Texts from Last Night”. Also, I do want to mention, if you are coming during the Holidays, the NYE party they have there is insane. It’s THE spot to be in Palm Beach if you want to have a fun time on New Year’s.   

2.    Square Grouper- Bar in Jupiter Hole in the wall outdoor bar overlooking the Jupiter lighthouse, Square Grouper is a local favorite and probably the only place you will find people ages 22-35. During low season (May-September) it does get pretty empty so I wouldn’t go during that time but during the winter and spring it’s a very lively spot. Keep in mind, this is not a “cute, nice” bar, but it is a good time. They have a live cover band on Friday and Saturday nights and lots of people come to dance or just listen to the music.  

3.    Ben Hotel Autograph Collection Rooftop- Downtown West Palm Beach This is the place you go to if you want a casual drink with a view. The views of Downtown West Palm and the water from this rooftop are amazing. There is a pool and a bunch of tables on the rooftop, and they have a DJ who plays house music to set the mood. The cocktail list isn’t my favorite, but you can pretty much order whatever kind of drink you want. You can also order food there if you want to have a later dinner. 



Things to do:

1.    Go to the beach! (I think this one is obvious) Juno Beach specifically is my favorite. I think it is one of the nicest beaches in South Florida (a lot of the time the water is as turquoise as it would be in the Bahamas). 

2.    Shopping:

a.    Palm Beach Island Worth Avenue: luxury and designer shopping street (think Ralph Lauren, Intermix, Chanel, Valentino, The Real Real, and Tiffany and Co.) 

b.    The Gardens Mall: Indoor mall with a mix of designer and name brand stores (Bath and Body Works, Apple, Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Abercrombie, Athleta, Lululemon, etc.) 

c.     Palm Beach Outlets: Outlet mall down in West Palm with stores like Nordstrom Rack, Saks off Fifth, Nike outlet store, J.Crew Outlet, Calvin Klein Outlet, etc. 

d.    West Palm Beach Downtown Center: small restaurant and mall center with stores like Lululemon, H&M, West Elm, and etc. 

3.    Visit the Juno Beach Pier: this is my personal fave and it’s a beautiful place to take pictures. You get great views of the beach and the ocean. You can also go fishing here if that’s your thing. 

4.    Visit the Breakers: The iconic Palm Beach Renaissance Style Luxury Hotel that was opened by Henry Flagler back in 1896 this place is a must see if you can find time. The resort is stunning and has an amazing view of the water. Some of the richest people in the country vacation here and the hotel décor very much reflects this opulence of wealth. 

5.    Go Paddle Boarding: Up at Jupiter Pointe Marina you can go paddleboarding for $20 an hour ($30 for 2 hours). It’s a fun activity if you want to be in the water where it’s not so wavy and explore more of Jupiter. Sometimes you will even get lucky and see Manatees and Dolphins swimming under you!

6.    Play Golf: Palm Beach County has the most golf courses per square mile in the country (it is basically the golf capital of the US). Also, a lot of Golf Pro’s play here and are members at the Palm Beach courses, so who knows, you might be playing right behind Justin Thomas or Rory McIlroy. Rent some clubs, grab an Arnold Palmer, and head to the course for a round of golf with your friends. 

7.    Sun Fest: A Music Festival that takes place in early May down in West Palm Beach, this festival’s lineup can be hit or miss. This year the lineup is insane with names like Flo-Rida, the Killers, the Chainsmokers, and more. Tickets are $70 for one day and $130 for the 3-day pass. Not too bad considering most festivals the average cost for a weekend pass these days is like $200. 

8.    Watch a Polo Match: Polo Season down in Florida runs from end of January to early April. All Polo matches take place at the National Polo Center down in Wellington Florida which is a short drive west of West Palm Beach or 40 minute drive South from North Palm Beach. Going to a Polo match is an event; they usually take place on a Sunday and people arrive around 2pm, match begins at 3pm and goes until 5pm. You have to buy tickets in advance on their website here: There are two options: you buy a table at the Polo brunch (where tickets are around $170 a person) OR you can buy a stadium seat and that’s between $70-$150 a person depending on where you want to sit. I personally did not think the brunch was worth the money since the food was bad, but I did think the event was a really cool experience. Also, I am not sure I would recommend going at the end of March or in early April because it gets really hot in South Florida and you will be uncomfortable sitting outside for 3 hours with no breeze. 

9.    Palm Beach International Boat Show: takes place every year on or around March 21-24th on Flagler drive in Downtown West Palm. There is 800+ boats on display and 600+ exhibiting brands. This experience is really for people interested in actually buying a boat, but if you are in Palm Beach during this time, I’ve been told it’s worth checking out. 


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