It's finally public: My Boston Restaurant List and Reviews

Thursday, February 9, 2023


Since I am the go-to friend for all things food in any city I'm visiting or live-in, I have decided to make public my master list of restaurants I’ve visited in Boston. After living a year and a half in Boston, I have had the opportunity to try some of the most popular and unknown restaurants in this city. I am by no means an expert “food reviewer” but I have been fortunate enough to try a lot of really good food in my time (so you can probably trust me). If you are someone who just moved to Boston, or you are simply "just visiting" please read my guide below of all the restaurants I've tried and my review of them. 

Courtesy of Contessa Boston at the Newbury Hotel

I have organized this list according to either neighborhood, food group (associated restaurants), and put any dessert/pastry/cafe spots at the end. 



  1. Lola 42- Seaport: $$$ To be honest, not a fan of this one. The place has a dark and mysterious vibe, and the influencers rave about it, but I didn’t think the food was that good and it’s really expensive. It could be because I am not a sushi person (which is what they are known for) that it’s a miss for me. 
  2. Lola Burger-Seaport: $$ A glorified shake shack, Lola Burger, sister restaurant to Lola 42 just down the street, is somewhere I probably wouldn't dine in again. I had a burger with sweet potato fries and don't get me wrong, it was flavorful and high quality but the restaurant had horrible ventilation and I came out smelling like the food I ate. They also don't serve liquor which is a bad thing in my book because I am not a beer and wine person. This place is better off a pickup and takeout restaurant only. 
  3. Rosa Mexicano- Seaport: $$ A chain restaurant with locations all over the East Coast, this trendy Mexican spot is great for a drink with the girls. The tableside guac is amazing and so is the Tres Leches cake.  I am not the biggest fan of the Tacos, but the menu has a large selection of Mexican dishes. Overall, this spot has okay Mexican food compared to the Mexican options in Boston, but I have had better Mexican cuisine in both Miami and New York. 
  4. 75 Liberty Wharf-Seaport: $$$ This is the place in Seaport with the famous igloos that are heated and allow you to eat outside in the winter. The igloo experience was very cool and something you should do once; however, I can’t imagine heating would help at all on a really cold night (so beware). I went here for dinner, and I will say the cocktails and the food were good. They have a seasonal menu (using only in season fresh ingredients) that they frequently change so it’s a nice spot if you want to try something different every time. 
  5. Wood Hill Pier 4- Seaport: $$$ A place with an amazing view of the water in Boston, Woods Hill Pier is a farm to table restaurant with fresh and high-quality dishes. I went there for brunch on a beautiful sunny day (which I highly recommend so you can see the views) and had the chicken and waffles. My friend had the French toast and said it was extremely good. The place is a little pricey for brunch, but I think for the quality it is worth it.  
  6. Serafina- Seaport: $$$ A chain Italian restaurant, Serafina’s is a classic. However not all the locations are good. The Seaport location was not something I would recommend as I had the same dish I had at the Newbury Street location in Back Bay and the quality and presentation was poor in comparison. 
  7. Ocean Prime-Seaport: $$$ One of my favorite restaurants in Boston hands down. Amazing service, high-quality food for every course, impeccable atmosphere. If I could come here every weekend I would. You have the best of both steak and seafood, a selection of great appetizers and the desserts. Don’t even get me started on the Warm Butter Cake. A couple other seafood/steakhouses in Boston make this Butter Cake but none like Ocean Prime with the berry sauce and scoop of vanilla ice cream it’s a real dream. They also have one of kind cocktails; I highly recommend the Berries and Bubbles. It’s a drink that literally smokes and bubbles from the dry ice they use to mix it. 
  8. DaviosSeaport: $$$$ So Davios, same restaurant group as Ocean Prime, but in my opinion not as good (service and food were less impressive). They also have the Butter Cake but it’s smaller, not served warm, and not nearly as delicious. I would say worth the try because of the amazing harbor views but the food is not quite as good as Ocean Prime. 
  9. Committee- Seaport: $$ Greek/Mediterranean influence restaurant. The brunch is the meal to eat here. I didn’t like the dinner options all that much but the Pancakes and French Toast at brunch, the lighting and whole vibe in the restaurant during the day is extremely calming. 
  10. Empire- Seaport: $$$$ An upscale Asian fusion spot in Seaport that turns into a club late at night on the weekends. Think Tao in New York and Vegas. I have not been here for when it turns into a club, so I am not sure how that is, but I have been here for dinner and had the Pad Thai which was delicious. Even though the prices are high, they give you ample portion sizes and it has a good atmosphere so I would recommend. 
  11. Legal Seafood - Harborside, Back Bay, Downtown (Multiple Locations): $$$ A popular seafood restaurant chain in Massachusetts, Legal Seafood will not disappoint if you are visiting Boston and want a ton of seafood options. The Harborside location is known as the most beautiful location, and I would agree, but the view is not as great as Davios or Woods Hill Pier.
  12. Tuscan Kitchen – Seaport: $$$$ An upscale Italian restaurant in Seaport, Tuscan Kitchen is worth a look for a quiet and high-quality dinner. I only went here one time, but mostly because it was kind of out of the way for me and not exactly anything special. The food is good, but it is expensive and didn’t have any wow factor for me. The service was good and because it’s one of those quieter restaurants it is great if you are catching up with a friend or on a date.

North End
Carmelina's -The North End: A raved about by locals Italian spot in the North End (Boston's Little Italy), and one that's impossible to get a reservation at (you need to book months in advance on yelp and getting a weekend dinner reservation is still nearly impossible), Carmelina's is really the best of Italy right in Boston. I finally got to come here for dinner and have the Chicken Parmesan with Rigatoni and it kind of blew my mind. I am very picky when it comes to Chicken or Veal Parmesan and this one from Carmelina's was perfect. The chicken was well seasoned and breaded, the sauce was flavorful, and the cheese was as fresh as mozzarella can be. I highly recommend doing whatever it takes to get a reservation here at least once. The food is the highest quality Italian I've tried in the North End (aside from Nico below) and the portion sizes were huge (so you will have plenty to take home and savor for lunch or dinner the next day). 
  1. Antico Forno- North End: $ A southern Italian restaurant with a few restaurant awards, it gives off budget little italian restaurant as soon as you walk in if you know what I mean. The Pizza was decent, I have had better, but it was not bad, and they have like 10+ options. The Caesar Salad was also good, but not the best I’ve had. 
  2. Strega - North End (Multiple Locations): $$$$ I believe the North End location is the original location in Boston and I would say it’s probably the best location because it has a fun brunch and a better dinner menu. This location does the famous cheese pasta wheel where they make the pasta in the wheel table side and turn up the music and the waiters dance (it’s kind of ridiculous but a nice touch). I had the truffle pasta dish which I am not sure they sell anymore but it was good. Although please note, this place is still very overpriced. You are better off going to the next place I am going to mention and by far my favorite restaurant in the north end. 
  3. Nico- North End: $$$ My absolute favorite restaurant in the north end, mostly because every dish I've had there has been so amazing you will have dreams about it in the future (my friends and I have had dreams about this food it was so good). If there was one dish I had to recommend, it would be the Porcini Ravioli. My friend came back to visit me in Boston just to have this Ravioli. Seriously this dish is THAT good. The Rigatoni alla Vodka is also really good (it has a little spice) and so is the Veal Parmesan (not the best veal I've tasted, but it wasn't bad considering most of the ones I've tried in Boston have been ehhh). 
  4. Wicked Craft- North End: $$$ A newer installment to the North End, having only opened in early 2022, this small but mighty restaurant is unique to say the least. They offer both dinner and weekend brunch and both dining options are a sight to be seen. The cocktails are crafty, the meals are huge, and the music is loud. It’s a great spot to feel like you are at a fun bar or club while you are eating. My favorite meal was the brunch where I got the chicken and waffles, and I must say, it’s probably one of the best chicken and waffles I’ve had ever.
  5. Tresca-North End: $$$ The place with the famous outside balcony table for 2 in the North End, Tresca is another Italian restaurant. I personally did not like it and would not go again because it was not cheap. However, it is possible the dish I ordered just wasn’t one of their best. 
  6. Quattro- North End: $$$ Small Italian spot, had the Prosciutto Margherita Pizza. Was a good meal compared to some of the other North End pizzas I’ve tried but didn’t find this place to be anything super special. 
  7. La Osteria- North End: $$ More Italian (shocker). Not bad but not memorable, can’t even remember what I ordered however, I do remember my friend ordered the Lobster Ravioli and said it was very good. So possibly worth a try? 
  8. Bricco- North End: $$$ Overpriced and personally not that great. The espresso martinis here are good but I didn’t like my food, I had the Gnocchetti Sorrentina and it was bleh, the gnocchi just did not taste fresh and neither did the sauce and for $28 I think not. 
  9. Lucca- North End: $$$ Amazing Italian spot, up there on my list with Nico. Smaller menu for an Italian place but the House-Made Garganelli Pasta with the Wild Board Ragu is some of the best meat-style pasta I’ve had. I also felt like they had more unique Italian dishes compared with other North End restaurants. 
  10. Trattoria Il Panino-North End: $$$ Always a good meal. I usually order the same thing, the Tortelli Panna e Prosciutto which is awesome and they serve it to you in one of those hot frying pans (which a few of the North End restaurants do). For drinks, the Lemon Drop and Espresso Martinis are the best cocktail options in my opinion. 
  11. Villa Francesca- North End: $$$ Cute vibe towards the back of the North End restaurants. Good service and wasn’t too crowded. Had the Carbonara for dinner, which was good quality, but it made me sick so I would not order that. They did have a Snapper Piccata so I would recommend that instead since the seafood in Boston is superb. 
  12. Beneventos-North End: $$ I won’t be afraid to admit that the Boston influencers are the ones who influenced me to come to this place. And honestly, it was pretty good. They have one of the biggest menus of almost any Italian restaurant I’ve been to, and the longest in the North End. You can pretty much order anything you can think of! 
  13. Mare- North End: $$$ Hidden gem in the North End, Mare is on a side street right when you walk onto Hanover. It has a cute outdoor area and moody night/date vibe. It’s primarily seafood, but they do have some other traditional Italian dishes. You should note it’s a place that’s little more expensive than some of the other North End restaurants. I only went here one time to have dinner and ate the Lobster Roll which I would recommend (Salti Girl still beats it but it was a close second).   
  14. Cantina Italiana-North End: $$ Small family-owned restaurant towards the back of Hanover Street. Gives off the family-owned vibe as soon as you walk inside. Went here once and had an Espresso Martini and a Chicken Parmesan and both were solid. 

South End

        The Beehive-South End: $$$. A place with live music for dinner and brunch most days of the week, the Beehive serves American fare with a twist. I went here for dinner and had the Brisket dish (but I hear the brunch is better). I would not recommend the Brisket it was expensive, small, and the meat was too fatty for my liking. My friend had the Gnocchi dish and she said it was tasty (and personally I think it looked a lot better than what I ordered).  

  1. Life Alive- Cambridge, South End, Back Bay (Multiple Locations): $ A cute health food café chain in the Boston area, Life Alive has a ton of fresh options from juices to salads, to smoothies, to acai bowls and more. I had the PB&J Acai Bowl, and it was delicious, however I thought the prices were a little high for what they offer. 
  2. Ilona- South End: $$$ One of the few Greek spots in Boston, Ilona is a beautiful restaurant that is very instagrammable, however the menu is very small and not traditional Greek food (by my standards having been a NYer). The food I had was good (the Chicken Souvlaki and the Fried Eggplant) but it was pricey and you don’t get large portion sizes.
  3. Bootleg Special- South End: $$ Iconic New Orleans inspired brunch spot (and apparently, they do drag brunches sometimes that are super fun), that hits the nail on the head with the restaurant décor, the Cajun Fried Rice, and huge selection of southern seafood. I’d highly recommend the French Toast, but they are famous for their Souffle Pancakes with different toppings (yes those are the ones that went viral on TikTok from Taiyaki NYC). 
  4. Cosmica- South End: $$$ Great drinks, very strong but didn’t taste strong which is always good. Didn’t like the tacos, expensive, small portion sizes, and the menu was very selective in general like most of the hype Mexican spots in Boston. 
  5. Barcelona Wine Bar-South End: $$ One of my favorite places to dine in Boston, Barcelona is a raved about staple by the locals. It serves tapas style dishes with a Spanish influence and the dishes change seasonally (but some of the items remain on the menu permanently). Because it’s a wine bar, they offer a selection of Spanish wine flights for a fair price which is a cool way to try out different wines with the various tapas and explore different flavor profiles. Furthermore, because its tapas style I recommend going with friends so you can all share and try out different dishes. 
  6. Brasserie- South End: $$ French fare at this hidden place in the South End. I ate here for brunch and had the Croque Madame. Unfortunately, this place recently closed, but they might re-open again in the future. 
  7. Banyan Bar -South End: $$$- Looks cool on the inside but that’s about it. I thought the food quality was kind of gross, overpriced, and small portion sizes. Drinks were tolerable but overpriced. 

Back Bay

        Salti Girl- Back Bay: $$-$$$- Known for their famous Lobster Roll, this cute restaurant is located right near Boston's famous Newbury Shopping Street. Both my friend and I ordered the Hot Lobster Roll, and I will say, it is by far my favorite Lobster Roll in all of Boston (you will see the other restaurants in this list that I have had Lobster Rolls at). If you visit Boston and like Lobster Rolls or want to try one for the first time, this is the place I 100% recommend visiting. 

  1. Strega- Back Bay (Multiple Locations): $$$$ Strega is an Italian-steakhouse chain restaurant in the Massachusetts area and has locations all around Boston and they all have slightly different menus. The Back Bay location was NOT IT. I went there for dinner and the Banoffee Pie was a good dessert but the Rigatoni Bolognese I had was not great (but also maybe I am not a Bolognese person) and personally I think the entire chain is overpriced. 
  2. Contessa- Back Bay: $$$$ From the restaurant group that brought you Carbone, comes a newer restaurant to the Boston dining scene. Contessa is a classy rooftop restaurant in the Newbury Hotel with high-end Italian fare. The place itself is beautifully decorated and is a great spot for pictures, however, I did not think the food was that great or worth the money. Furthermore, it is extremely hard to get a weekend dinner reservation there, or a dinner reservation in general. You must be on Resy 30 days in advance at 10am and still the robots take a lot of the openings 
  3. Parm-Copley Square: $$ Also part of Major Food Group like Contessa, Parm is a lower-end version of Carbone that it primarily used as a take-out service by most. You can dine in house but note there is minimal seating. I went to their Copley location (which does not take reservations) to dine in with a friend of mine and we had no issue getting a table. The food was good, but it was not the best Italian I’ve had (especially since the Spicy Rigatoni that is supposed to mirror Carbone’s was not in fact spicy at all). I also had the Chicken Parmesan and I felt that the quality was more of a takeout Italian restaurant then a mid-range or even high-end restaurant.
  4. Summer Shack- Back Bay: $$ I went here for the Drag Brunch (I know) which meant they had a small set brunch menu (which I don’t usually like) however, the food did turn out good. I had the French Toast with Berries (which I am not sure if it’s a permanent menu option given the circumstances) but I would recommend coming here. I think the Drag Brunch was a little too expensive for what it was, it could have been better, but I would come again for the food (when they have the regular menu). 
  5. Ramsay’s Kitchen-Back Bay: $$$$ Sorry Gordon, I would not come here again, the service was bad, the food was only okay, and the prices were high. It was very disappointing. Plus, the place was impossible to get a reservation at. It opened in January 2022 and I couldn’t get something until the late summer which is ridiculous if you ask me. 
  6. SerafinaBack Bay: $$$ - The better Serafina location in Boston. I also liked the vibe here better, a lot cozier. I would recommend the Farfalle al Limoncello. 
  7. Bistro Du Midi- Back Bay: $$$ French-fare classy restaurant right on the Boston Commons. I went here for brunch. The Croque Madame and Fries were okay, but kind of pricey. The place has an elegant vibe but not sure it was worth it for me to ever visit again. 
  8. Citrus & Salt-Back Bay: $$ Another Mexican spot in Boston, I went here for both brunch and dinner and would say I prefer the brunch options (the pancakes were really unique and very tasty). The drinks are really fun but the dinner menu is small and the food is only okay. 
  9. Terra Eataly- Back Bay: $$ Beautiful rooftop restaurant but do not go here. The staff was unprepared (they didn’t know their menu), the service was slow, and they didn’t even have things on the menu in stock! Like how can you just be out of French Toast for the first brunch seating of the day? Extremely disappointing and a waste of my time.
  10. Banks Fish House- Back Bay: $$$ Seafood spot in the financial area of Back Bay. Had the Lobster Roll, it was okay, not as good as Salti Girl and since Lobster Rolls are expensive, I would pass. Overall service was good, drinks were strong, and the other menu items looked tasty. I have also heard they have a good brunch. 
  11. Pressed Café- Back Bay (Multiple Locations): $ Love Love Love this place, I am picky with my sandwiches and this place knows what’s up. Price is right, sandwiches are delicious and very large portion sizes, and the menu is insanely long. Like every sandwich you could think of, every juice, smoothie, acai bowl, salad, a lot. Highly recommend for lunch or breakfast.
  12. Eva- Back Bay: $$ So Eva was an American spot that newly opened in the Spring of 2022. It’s okay, I liked the vibe of the restaurant and its location on Newbury Street with the outdoor dining, but the menu was not extensive and the Shrimp Scampi I had was extremely spicy which I didn’t love. Could possibly be good for brunch though, menu looks better.  
  13. Rochambeau- Back Bay: $$$ French Restaurant in the Prudential Center. Went for dinner and brunch. The Steak Frites were very good and for brunch I had the Croque Monsieur with Fries which was also very good. Solid choice for either meal. 
  14. Sonsie-Back Bay: $$ Located on Newbury Street, Boston’s iconic shopping street. Sonsie is an open-air French bistro that has sidewalk tables facing out for people watching in the summer just like they do in Paris. When I was there, I had the Brunch Burger and the Baby Gem salad which were both good but note this place is pricey for what you get. 
  15. Buttermilk and Bourbon-Back Bay: $$ Mostly known for its brunch, this place with Southern cuisine is talked about a decent amount, however I didn’t feel like it lived up to the hype, especially since the size of the dishes are all small tapas style and they are still as expensive as something full size. 
  16. Eddie V’s- Back Bay: $$$$ Another one of those “not talked about” restaurants that is actually amazing. Eddie V’s is a high-end steak and seafood joint. Honestly, I love everything about this place, the drinks, the food, the service. It’s the trifecta. I highly recommend the Parmesan Sole for dinner and the Bananas Foster Butter cake for dessert (anyone who knows me know I love bananas and I love a butter cake). There are a few locations of this restaurant throughout the US but there is only one Boston location and it’s in the Prudential Center. Highly recommend.
  17. Back Bay Social -Back Bay: $ A great spot for brunch with friends on the weekends. It is right near the Prudential Center Mall and Newbury Street. All the food is extremely good and priced right. I had the French Toast when I went, and I would highly recommend it. 


          Sulmona Restaurant- Kendall Square: $$ A place in Cambridge known for their brunch, Sulmona is a great spot to have brunch at on the weekends. I had the Bananas Foster Waffles which were expensive and I would not recommend, pretty disappointing waffles because they were kind of soggy (fair warning I am a waffle person and have high standards but still these were just not good). The Pizzas did look good and same with the French Toast, so pass on the Waffles and try one of those. 

  1. Russell House Tavern- Cambridge: $$ A rustic pub restaurant in Harvard Square this is a solid spot for brunch. I had the Caesar Salad (which isn’t exactly anything special) and ordered the Biscuits with Jam (which were fluffy and buttery) definitely try these. 
  2. Source- Cambridge: $$ Located in Harvard Square, Source is apparently a staple for the Harvard Students. However, I don’t think the food is very good. I went for brunch and the portion sizes are small for what you pay, and the quality was only okay. I would skip this place. 
  3. Alden and Harlow- Cambridge: $$$ Located in Harvard Square on the main shopping street, Alden and Harlow is a cozy underground favorite of mine. In the summer you can dine on the sidewalk, but I think the inside is nicer. I have been there twice and both times had the French Toast which was to die for. The place can be pricey, but it’s worth it. 
  4. Little Donkey-Cambridge: $$ Unique rotating menu with dishes from all over the world and new items always added. Little Donkey is not bad, but all dishes are small and finding parking is very difficult. I would pass on coming a second time. 


          The Waverly Kitchen and Bar- Charlestown: $ Cozy small restaurant in Charlestown that I went to for brunch and had the Baklava French Toast which was huge (you get 3 pieces) and very good. Affordable also. 

  1. Monument Tavern-Charlestown: $ Hands down an all-around impressive place for both American fare brunch and dinner. They only take a few reservations for seating on the Resy app, but you can always walk-in and grab a table. For brunch I had the Pancakes and dinner I had the Chicken Sandwich and both were great quality and a great price for a large amount of food!


6        Tia’s Waterfront- Downtown $$ A seasonal waterfront seafood restaurant across the harbor from Seaport (this place is only open from May-October), Tia’s is a solid choice for a good quality and affordable dinner as well as a great drinks spot. They have tons of outdoor seating near the water which is perfect for nice weather during the summer months. I had the Broiled Scallops with Green Beans and Rice Pilaf and was very impressed. But truthfully you can’t go wrong with most seafood in Boston, all of it is good. 

  1. Pasta Beach- Downtown: $$$ After being closed due to a fire for several years, Pasta Beach just reopened in Fall of 2022. Known for their pasta dishes (shocking right), this is probably something you can skip. I feel like the reopening was really hyped up and it didn’t live up to my expectations. I think the restaurants in the North End are better for Italian cuisine. 
  2. High Street Place - Downtown: $-$$ Newly opened food hall but smaller selection than you would imagine. Good for a quick bite. Tried Mother Juice for the first time and the acai bowls were expensive and very watery. Better off with one of the sandwich places in the food hall. 
  3. Stillwater- Downtown: $ Only went for brunch but a solid choice for something more affordable where you get a ton of food. I had the pancakes and hashbrowns. They also rotate weekly the Chef’s Special Pancakes so I would make sure to ask about the specials cause sometimes the Chef comes up with some interesting concoctions. 
  4. Joe’s -Waterfront and BackBay (Multiple Locations): $$ with two locations in Boston, Joe’s is an American seafood classic. The Waterfront location is my favorite because of the views but the food is the same at both. I had the Shrimp Scampi, and it was delicious. I have eaten here a few times and would recommend. 
  5. State Street Provisions-Downtown: $$ A more affordable place to dine by the water, State Street Provisions is not talked about enough on the Boston dining scene. I never made it here for dinner, but the brunch was good. I had the Pancakes with Blueberry Compote and would come back to try another dish! 
  6. Tiki Rock- Downtown: $$ Really cool tropical vibe, kind of like you have been transported to Hawaii or Florida for a vacation. They have a live DJ on the weekends. Love the drinks here, all really unique (some they light on fire literally) and all served in cool cups. The food is all Polynesian inspired with some American style editions. I had the Lobster Roll and Fries and honestly for the price I was impressed. Most of the good Lobster Rolls in Boston are expensive, so if you are looking for one that’s good but slightly cheaper, I would check this place out. 
  7. Bostonia Public House- Downtown: $$ Another great brunch spot for on the weekends with friends, Bostonia Public House is a highly rated favorite by a lot of food publications. It’s a little more expensive for brunch food then some other places, but I would still say it’s worth it. I have had both the Bagel and Salmon dish as well as the French Toast and I would recommend both (but don’t expect the bagel to be as good as the ones in NYC, no bagel can compare to a NY bagel). 

South Boston

  1. Lincoln- South Boston: $$ Ahhh the famous Lincoln in Southie, the land of the frat boys. Despite the “college greek life” nature of the area, Lincoln is a solid place for both dinner and brunch, although if I had to choose, I would say the brunch is better and it’s also a very fun vibe on a Sunday when the Patriots games are on. The prices are right, you get a ton of food, and quality is superb. I had the French Toast for brunch and the Pizza for dinner when I went and enjoyed both. 
  2. Capo- South Boston: $$ Another Southie staple, Capo is the place with the famous “basement” that has a live band on the weekends. People might tell you the basement is small and gross, but they are wrong, instead it is very much a classy music lounge. The secret to getting into the downstairs is to make a reservation for dinner down there by calling the restaurant or by eating an early dinner upstairs (by early I mean 5:30pm) and before paying the check put yourself on the waitlist for the downstairs. However, if you can’t get downstairs the upstairs also can be a fun time with the sports games on the TVs and the rustic Italian restaurant atmosphere. I went for both dinner and brunch and the dinner would be my pick. I had the French Toast for brunch, and it wasn’t my favorite, but the Pasta dishes and the Pizzas are great. 

Assembly Square: Somerville 

       Salt and Stone- Assembly Square: $$ Most of the restaurants in Assembly Square are new, and this was no different. You will always see a lot of people in here. I went here for dinner and brunch, and I’d say you can skip the dinner. The burger was pretty gross and the flatbreads are only okay. For brunch though the French Toast is amazing. 

  1. Parla- Assembly Square: $$$$ A high-end Italian restaurant with a sister restaurant in the iconic North End, Parla is a fun spot to have dinner. They have this secret drinking game where you can ask the waiter to “roll the dice” and whichever number you roll corresponds to a mystery drink. Aside from that unique game, I thought the food was only okay and extremely expensive. I had the Lobster Ravioli which tasted good, but I got sick from it, so not a winner for me. 
  2. Zo Greek- Assembly Square, Downtown (Multiple Locations): $ My favorite Greek place in all of Boston (although I have only tried 3 so I can’t say this place truly is the best). Zo Greek serves high-quality Greek food that is fairly affordable and they have a pretty extensive menu. I love the Chicken Gyro, the Mediterranean Salad, and the Caramelized Fig and Goat Cheese Dip. If you are big fan of Greek food like myself, I would give it a try!
  3. Fuji- Assembly Square and (Multiple Locations): $$ Asian food in Boston is hard to find (unlike NYC where you have the best of every cuisine) so when I say this place is good, it’s good. Fuji is famous for its sushi, but they also have a ton of different menu options. This is probably one of my favorite Asian cuisine restaurants in Boston and I would highly recommend the Pad Thai. 
  4. Papagayo-Assembly Square: $ Such a random restaurant but one of my favorite Mexican spots in all of Boston probably because the menu is extensive, and the food is actually good. It’s not the classiest place, but if you want good Mexican this is where I would recommend. However, if you want a “vibe” Citrus and Salt and Cosmica are probably a better bet. 
  5. Earl’s- Assembly Square and Back Bay (Multiple Locations): $$-$$$ An American restaurant that’s always poppin (the place is always busy and a reservation is needed). Earl’s has a wide range of menu options, with a lively vibe, and okay service (not the most reliable). I don’t love it, but it does have something for everyone so it’s worth trying.  
  6. Tony C’s-Assembly Square: $$ Tony C’s is an American bar food chain and it’s it pretty cheap and the food and service aren’t bad. I just personally will not choose to go this place over other options if you know what I mean. 
  7. Clover Food Labs- Assembly Square, Harvard Square (Multiple Locations): $ Fast-casual vegan/vegetarian spot developed by Harvard Graduates. Clover is a popular Massachusetts chain like CAVA. The food is made with all fresh ingredients, some from local farms, the price is right, and the service is quick. 
  8. JuicyGreens- Assembly Square: $ My favorite acai bowl and juice shop in Boston (probably because of its proximity to where I lived). JuicyGreens is a great option if you have a sweet tooth and want something quick that’s healthy. Most of the menu items center around fruit but they also have toasts and waffles from breakfast, yogurt bowls, and some savory toasts. 
  9. Totto Ramen-Assembly Square: $ Only ramen spot I tried in all of Boston so I cannot say it’s the best. However, its cheap and is close in comparison to some NYC ramen I’ve tried so I would recommend! I usually order the Miso Chicken Ramen. Especially if it’s a cold day or you’re feeling a little under the weather. 

West End

  1. City Winery- West End: $$ Unless you are doing a wine flight, I would pass on this one. Menu was small and I just didn’t love what I ordered when I went for dinner. Location is also kind of in a weird area. 
  2. Ward 8- West End: $$ American restaurant that’s great if you are planning to go to a Celtics game at TD garden next door, but other than that don’t go out of your way to come here. The menu selection was fine, and the food was good enough, but it wouldn’t be my first-choice place. 

Encore Casino:

          Mystique- Everett (Encore Casino): $$$$ Great Asian fusion spot, expensive, but worth it since I don’t find too many good Asian restaurants in the Boston area. The vibe is like Tao and it’s in the casino, so it gives off Vegas in Boston. I had the Tik Tok Chicken and the House Fried Rice. The chicken was little spicy for my taste, but it was still very good. High-quality for sure. 

  1. Fratelli- Everett (Encore Casino): $$$$ Not good and very disappointing for being a casino restaurant. I love Italian food, but I did not like this place. For lack of a better description, the Chicken Parmesan was horrible and the service was not very good either. Would not come again. 

COJE Restaurants: 

       Coquette- Fort Point: $$$ I revisited this French inspired restaurant Coquette many times. It opened right after I moved to Boston in the Omni Hotel in Seaport as a new edition to Chef Tom Berry’s Boston restaurant empire (owner of the other restaurant’s I’ll talk about below). The food is expensive so be prepared, but everything I tried was so good. I would recommend the Flatbreads, the Ham and Chips, and the Merda de Can as well as the Lobster Croquettes. Additionally, the restaurant inside is stunning, tons of photo opportunities. 

  1. Lolita- Fort Point & BackBay (Multiple Locations): $$$ Lolita is another one of those raved about places that is part of the same restaurant group as Coquette. The architecture and décor of the Fort Point location is stunning and is great for drinks. But personally, I do not think this Mexican spot is worth the hype. They do give free Cotton Candy for dessert to every table, but other than that the food was overpriced and extremely spicy (they do not have a non-spicy item on the menu). Furthermore, it’s very hard to get a reservation and kind of a one and done place. 
  2. Mariel- Downtown: $$$$ Ahh Mariel, another one of my favorite places to dine in Boston. Part of the same food group as Lolita, Mariel is another stunning on the inside restaurant with food that is just as beautifully presented (and tastes just as good)! It’s Cuban with an American flare. I really like the Street Pizzas, the Yucca Cheese Puffs, the Blackened Shrimp, and the Fufu Gnocchi. All the items are unique, and you feel like you have been transported to an upscale restaurant in Little Havana. Furthermore, they have a club in the downstairs called “The Underground” and personally it's my favorite club in Boston (which isn’t saying a lot since the clubs in Boston suck) but the music is a bunch of today’s hits, and the drinks are strong so can’t complain. 
  3. Yvonne’s- Downtown: $$$ Part of the Mariel restaurant group, Yvonne’s is a speakeasy vibe kind of hidden away on a side street in Downtown. I have been to Yvonne’s several times but only for drinks and never for food (to be honest the menu is kind of whacky). I do recommend you check it out though, it’s a little difficult to get a reservation, like all the Tom Berry restaurants are, but worth it for sure.

Dessert/Pastry/Coffee Shop: 

        North End Creamery-North End: $ Not a restaurant, but this ice cream spot deserves an honorable mention. It is a new edition to the North End and the quality of ice cream is insane. It’s also partly a candy shop and there is a ton of nostalgic candy for you to choose from as well. 

  1. Union Square Donuts- Assembly Square, Union Square, etc. (Multiple Locations): $ Union Square is by far one of my favorite donut places in all of Boston. They have core flavors and ones they change daily as well as seasonally (so yes they have plenty of St. Patty’s and Christmas donuts during those times of year). All the donuts are baked daily so every time you go you know they are fresh!
  2. Greystone- South End: $ Literally the best coffee shop in all of Boston hands down. The Boston influencers rave about this place for a reason. The pastries and other baked goods are amazing. If I had to recommend two things it would be the Regular Croissant and the Berry Scone. And don’t even get me started on the sandwiches; some of the bet sandwiches I have had in a while. You can tell all the ingredients are fresh which is a must for me because sandwiches can often be gross or bland, and the combo of flavors on each sandwich gives the most satisfying first bite. Sadly though, the coffee is only okay, I had an Iced Vanilla Latte and an Iced Dirty Chai and neither were that great.  
  3. Table Café- North End: $ Truthfully, we only went here for the gelato and the giant ice cream cookie sandwiches, but still it was disappointing. I had heard a lot about the gelato and the cookies, and neither were very good (plus the cookie sandwiches make a huge mess). You are better off at North End Creamery. 
  4. Bovas Bakery-North End: $ The true Bostonian favorite bakery in the North End, Bova’s is open 24hrs a day and it’s absolutely my favorite out of the three bakeries. The Cannoli’s, the Italian Butter Cookies, the Pies and the Cupcakes are some of my favorites. Also, I think it might be slightly more affordable than Mike’s and Modern. 
  5. Mike’s Pastry- North End and Assembly Square (Multiple Locations): $ This is probably the most famous pastry shop in the North End and maybe all of Boston. Mike’s is known for its different flavored Cannoli’s, and I can attest they are indeed good. The North End location always has a huge line at prime-time so beware. But you can go to the Assembly Square location to skip the line (note the selection of baked goods is not as large because it’s a smaller location). 
  6. Tatte- Multiple Locations: $ A chain coffee/café shop in Boston that is loved by the locals and now I know why. The food is all reasonably priced and delicious. They have salads, sandwiches, breakfast food, tons of pastries, little cakes, and cookies. Highly recommend coming here for a quick snack, a treat, or a lunch with friends. 
  7. JP Licks – Assembly Square, South Boston (Multiple Locations)- $ A chain ice cream shop that I love. The milkshakes are (fire emoji) and so are all the crazy ice cream flavors (they also sell fro-yo and non-dairy options). Plus, they have seasonal flavors they are always changing up, so you’ll find something new every time 




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