Dorm Room Decor Ideas and Tips ;)

Monday, September 5, 2016

Recently I moved into my new dorm room for my upcoming year at college as a sophmore! Even though going back to school can be a drag because summer has come to a close (ugg) at least I can always look forward to room decor and back to school supplies shopping! However, shopping on a college student budget can be tough. Especially when you want your room to look like one of those extravagant rooms featured in Seventeen magazine. But since that is not always possible (because getting custom made stuff is expensive and your roommate might not want to match with you) there are other ways to find cute and affordable ways to decorate your room.

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Because I love decorating my room,  I thought I would share with you guys what it looks like, as well as where I got a lot of my stuff (and yes my room is a single so its not the typical dorm room situation). And since it is that time of year that everyone is either moving back to college or going to college for the first time, I am also including some helpful tips to make your room look fabulous without breaking the bank.

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Tip #1: DIY Decor: I know a lot of people say this and you might not believe it can actually work, but it can. A lot of stuff I got for my room I painted, repurposed, or bought in pieces and made into one thing. One example of this is the letter A and the ampersand I put on the wall above my bed. They were both originally just plain silver letters that I got at Home Goods and with some spray paint I made them match the theme of my room.

(string lights>target, heart picture>home goods, picture frames>home goods, Gold flower mirror> home goods, photographs>NYC Street vendor, A and Amperstand> home goods)

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Tip #2: Shop at Affordable Places for Decor: I know it can be super tempting to shop at Pbteen, Urban Outfitters, and other expensive places for room decor and bedding, but it isn't worth the money. There is so much else out there for a way more affordable price. By shopping at places like Home Goods, Marshalls, TJMaxx, Target, you can find similar items for cheaper (and sometimes find stuff that you wouldn't find anywhere else). These few places I did the bulk of my room decor and college shopping. And a great tip if you aren't good at being super creative and don't feel like putting in a lot of effort but still want your room to look great, is to shop on Dormify is a website solely for college stuff and small apartments, so everything should fit perfectly in your room (Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters vibes anyone)! Even though it isn't the cheapest way to shop, they have some really cute stuff and there is even an option for you to buy everything in the show room. So you can have a completely decorated room in no time. 

(curtains>bed,bath, and beyond, large plastic stacking drawers>container store, furry rug>home goods)

Tip #3: Save up those Bed, Bath and Beyond Coupons: Start saving these coupons early, and take advantage of all the back to school deals BBB offers. A lot of BBB stores do a back to college day where the whole store is 20% off for college students. And if you subscribe by mail and email you will get tons of 20% one item and 5$ off coupons for your purchases. And the coolest part is the coupons never expire! So you can use them anytime (even if you found one and its 3 years old). 

Tip #4: Shop early and shop often: Start shopping as soon as stuff comes out. Don't wait because you will risk missing out on a lot of opportunities to score some great deals. Also, shop often. People often make the mistake of shopping once or twice and buying everything. Go to the store at least once a week or twice in one week to see if they got anything new (this tip will be very helpful at places like Target and Home Goods). And don't worry if you change your mind on something, there are such things as returns (as long as you keep the receipt of course). 

Tip #5: Sign up for UniDays: It's an app and website where you can get so many exclusive discounts for back to school season and year round by just being a college student! Most of the discounts are for clothing stores, but there are a ton of stores that give discounts on school supplies, and room decor too. Unfortunately, I believe the discounts will only work for online orders but at least you can save a ton of money and save yourself from having to go through the stressful process of actually going to the store to shop with all the other stressed out college students.

(drying rack>target, hangers>target, pink heart bins>home goods, mirror with storage>target, purse hook>anthropologie) 

Tip #6: Collaborate with Your Roommate(s): If your roommate(s) is a super nice and cool person this is a great way to save money! If you guys share a bathroom (instead of a communal one) you could each buy a few things for the bathroom (like you buy a shower curtain and your roommate buys the rug). This will also work for stuff in the room too (like you buy a T.V and your roommate buys the mini fridge). Just make sure not to split costs because then there could be tension at the end of the year when you have to decide who gets it :/ 

Hopefully this post was helpful! I know its a little late, but these tips can be used by anyone looking to redecorate their room or if you are a college student and haven't finished shopping you can put these tips to use! 

Let me know in the comments what you want to see next! I am excited to do a ton of Food and Fashion posts now that I am back in the city for school :)


  1. wow, your room looks so homely and cosy! It must make staying in a dorm so much easier! Also I love your laptop case/sticker!
    Aleeha xXx