Favorite Summer Fashion Finds

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fashion is one of my favorite things to play around with and I find its a great way for me to show case my personality or anything I think is really cute. I like to change up my style a bunch, but for the most part I stick to a few go to pieces. So, I thought I would give you a taste of my style and show you what I've been wearing and loving this summer. Under each picture is each item linked, if I was able to find it online, or find something similar. 

(Similar--> same brand) Shirt | Jeans |  (Similar) Bandana

One of my go to pieces is a basic white t-shirt. A white t-shirt is a great staple because it goes with everything, will never go out of style, and it can be dressed up or dressed down. I like this American Eagle one because its soft and has a nice v-neck. 

Boyfriend jeans, like these American Eagle ones, are a staple for any wardrobe. I like them because there baggy, are very distressed, and are a little cropped at the bottom. The distressing makes them easier to wear in the summer when its super hot. They can be paired with sneakers, sandals, or even a pair of pumps if you want to dress them up. 

Just this summer, bandanas came back in style and I couldn't wait to try out this new trend. I love neck scarfs and wearing scarfs as headbands so I was so excited when I found this bandana at a vintage store in Brooklyn. 

Vans, like these navy ones, are a great sneaker for summer, fall, and spring. They are super comfortable and go with anything. 

Brandy Melville Red, White, and Blue Silk Scarf (Similar -->vintage or thrift store) 
(Similar) Navy Bandana

In this picture, are bandanas and scarfs I've been rocking this summer (you've probably seen me wearing the red and white one in my previous post). I like wearing these around my neck or as a head band with a messy bun and find they work great with most summer outfits. Next to them are 3 pairs of sunglasses. The brown Versace pair are new and I wore them a ton on my trip to Europe. The two pairs of Ray Bans are older, but I wear them all the time because they're polarized and therefore protect my eyes from the sun. 

This tank top from Express is actually one of the nicer shirts I own and I like it because it can be dressed up or dressed down. Paired with it are these light wash ripped denim shorts from PacSun. I've been really into distressed shorts for the summer so you are probably going to see a lot of those in here :) And to complete the look I have my brand new Adidas Stan Smith sneakers that I had been wanting all summer.

(Similar--> same brand) Kendall & Kylie Shorts

Rings (street vendor in NYC) | Chocker

These are literally my new favorite pieces of jewelry. I found these rings from a street vendor in SoHo and I wear them all the time. And since chockers are finally back in style I picked up this edgy silver studded one from Urban Outfitters. 

Birkenstocks | American Eagle Light Blue Tank Top & Printed Shorts

Birkenstocks blew up last year and everyone has been wearing them. I got mine in Spain a while ago and I love them because they are great for walking.

This outfit that I paired them with is pretty casual, I've had it for a while now and like it because its easy to throw on and it's my favorite color blue. 

(Similar--> same brand different color) High-Rise Shorts

I am so happy that I've seen tons of people wearing jean jackets again. Although they never go out of style, I do feel like they go through phases of popularity. This light wash one from J-Crew is comfortable and well-made so I know I will have it for a while. 

Paired with it is this white ruffle crop top and these flowy high rise patterned shorts from Hollister. This is a casual and comfortable outfit great for a trip to a park or the mall. 

Kendall & Kylie T-Shirt | Bullhead Denim Shorts | Sorority Hat

This is one of my go to casual outfits. My blue graphic t-shirt (if you didn't know blue is my favorite color), my distressed cut-off denim shorts, and my baseball cap. Unfortunately, all the items in this picture are pretty old so I couldn't link anything for you guys but you can always recreate this with things from your own closet. 

This dress strikes me as more of a fall dress than a summer dress but I definitely think it can be worn in both seasons. The pattern is really pretty and I love pairing it with these basic brown sandals from Michael Kors. 

I have been really into layered necklaces like these lately. I like that they are so dainty and add something to any outfit. I find they are best pair with low cut dresses like this one. 

Top | Michael Kors Cicely Wedge Sandal | Silver Necklace
(Similar) Shorts | (Similar --> same brand) Fossil Watch

This is a little bit of a dressier outfit for a night out or a dinner party. White jean shorts are a must have for summer. The blue blouse is off the shoulder which makes it nicer and its paired with a silver necklace and watch to dress it up. Also I added in some black wedges. 

(Similar--> same style/brand different color) Booties

In this outfit is my new favorite dress. Its a dusty pink color and is super flowy. It can definitely be dressed down or up depending on where you're wearing it. To make it more rustic, and something that can transition into fall, I added these brown buckle booties from Sam Edelman. I like them because they have a heel. And of course I also have my brown Versace sunglasses to complete the look. 

(Similar) J-Crew Sandals |  (Similar--> same style different color) Romper

I didn't love rompers at first, but I am so glad I eventually tried them out. The best part about them is that they are so easy. A romper is a whole outfit in itself and they are also great for people who don't love dresses because they have built in shorts! I think the pattern of this one is really nice and find its great to pair with these black leather slip on sandals that I got from J-Crew. Strappy leather sandals like these have been a huge trend this summer and I'm glad I found a pair for such a good price. 

Leather Jacket | (Similar) Lace Dress 

I just got this brown leather jacket this summer and I am so excited to start wearing it a ton this fall! I had been searching for a brown leather jacket for the longest time (and I mean the longest time) and I am so glad I came across this one. I wore it a few times when it was a little chilly, but its definitely not a summer jacket. The leather is very soft and the jacket is built to last. 

This lace dress I have had for a while but find its a great bohemian summer dress. It's lightweight and whimsical and perfect for a summer party or just to wear during the day. 

Shirt | 
(Similar--> same brand) Hat | Vintage Levi Shorts |  (Similar) Sandals

And of course I saved the best outfit for last. This off-the shoulder shirt is a huge trend for this summer and I really love the stripe pattern on it. The shorts are my vintage levis that you will probably recognize if you saw my Europe Haul post (if you didn't you should go check that out). 

This is my new favorite hat. Its a floppy hat from urban outfitters and its matches perfectly with the shirt. The sandals I've had for a while and they are just snakeskin stappy ones from Dolce Vita. 

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Enjoy the rest of the summer! 


  1. ohh I love everything in this post! I wish we could wear summer clothes all year around xx


    1. OMG same summer clothes are my favorite! I love your blog! Its so pretty! Thanks so much for reading. Are you on Blog'Lovin so I can follow you?