European River Cruise Experience

Friday, August 5, 2016

A lot of people have asked me how I managed to travel to 4 different countries in Europe and visit so many places in such a short amount of time. Well that’s because I took a cruise! This wasn’t your typical ocean cruise to the Caribbean (the ship we took was a river cruise ship and is roughly 1/15h of the size of your regular Royal Carribbean ship).

While cruising along the enchanting Rhine River, we passed through 4 different countries: The Netherlands, France, Germany and Switzerland. Soon more travel diaries will be up on the remaining places I visited. Get excited!

And since I had such a great time on the cruise, I thought I would share with you guys what I thought and what company I used. So if you ever decide to take a crazy trip to Europe, don’t have a ton of money, and want to travel to a lot of countries all at once, keep this option in mind.

The company I traveled with is called AmaWaterways, and they are a European river cruise line that does cruises all around Europe, Africa, and Asia. Here’s the link to their website: if you want to check it out!

I was a little hesitant at first to do a river cruise because I had never done a cruise before, but in the end the trip turned out amazing. Aside from getting sea sick the first few days, :( I definitely would recommend AmaWaterways to anyone.

The coolest and easiest part about the trip was that we had a floating hotel. One night we would go to sleep, and the next morning we would be in a new place. Being on a boat, seeing all these villages and cities, is a completely different experience then traveling by land or plane. And if I hadn’t been on this river cruise, I may have never visited the places I did, let alone known they existed.

On the boat there was a lounge, a huge sundeck, a restaurant (where breakfast, lunch and dinner was served), a chef’s table restaurant, the staterooms (guests bedrooms), and the lobby. Everything was always clean and looked very new (then again this depends on the boat you take, they have many different boats that travel the same routes). The staff was very nice and helpful in making sure you were enjoying your trip.

Although my room was very small (we only had two tiny beds, a small balcony, and a small bathroom), we spent most of our time off the boat or just not in the room so we really didn’t have to think too much about how small it was.

When we were sailing past the various towns and villages, it was nice to sit out on the balcony, eat breakfast and look at the scenery. The sundeck was also a great place to look at the passing landscape, soak up the sun, and take a dip in the hot tub.

All meals were included during our stay, and you could essentially eat as much as you wanted when they were serving food. For lunch and dinner, they would serve a few specialty dishes that were unique to the place we were currently docked or places we had just visited. Lunch and dinner were okay, just not really my taste considering the food was targeted towards an older crowd. Plus, I am not the queen of trying new foods so that was part of the problem. But they always had some basic things available like a good old Caesar salad, grilled chicken, French fries and steak (just like me to only want to eat kids food :P).

My favorite part was breakfast because they always had this huge buffet of stuff (yes stuff, you will just have to go on the cruise to find out :P) The chef’s table restaurant was an interesting experience. Multiple dishes were prepared and they were all small plates. Even though they really did look like pieces of art (like something you would find in a food museum, if those existed) not all of them managed to live up to your expectations in the taste department.  

In addition to the food, the rooms, and free transportation to each place, the company also provided free tours and exhibitions that you could sign up for. There were bus tours, walking tours, bike tours, wine tastings, gondola rides, hikes, canal tours, lake tours, and more. Even though a lot of these tours depended on the place you were visiting, all of them were offered at least once at one point in the trip.

(and a picture of me looking like an idiot)

So to wrap this up (because this was a long post), go on a river cruise at least once in your life! Go to Europe at least once in your life. Take a risk! It’s worth it.

Traveling is such a huge part of obtaining life experience, and it’s memorable. So go travel and make those memories that you’ll always remember.

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