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Monday, August 1, 2016

An epic trip to Europe is never complete without shopping. Much like the US, Europe has some great finds, and sometimes you find a few unique things that you know would be hard to come across back home. 

(FYI--> When I went shopping basically all the main clothing and jewelry stores were having huge summer sales, so most of the stuff I bought ended up being pretty cheap).

In this first picture I have a red off the shoulder bell sleeve top from the brand Kookai. I really love the pattern of this shirt and the fact that it is off the shoulder (since that is a huge trend this summer). 

The light wash vintage levi denim shorts are from the store Marbles Vintage in Amsterdam (if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, I highly recommend going to this store, there are some great vintage finds). I was on the lookout for levi shorts for a while and thought these were perfect (the store had so many to choose from I almost ended up with 4 pairs!). 

My favorite item that I bought on this trip is this adorable printed bathing suit. Unfortunately I can't remember where I bought it but this bathing suit is great for summer and very on trend with the cutouts on the side. 

On the left I got this scarf as a gift from one of the hotels we stayed at and on the right is this sticky note set and a roll of really cute washi tape from the store Hema. Hema is basically Europe's Target and therefore both these items were super cheap (if you see one, you really should go. In my opinion their office supplies is cuter than stuff you find in the US). 

Because I am in college right now and love university apparel, I couldn't resist buying these two items when I visited Heidelberg, Germany. The sweatshirt is super comfy and I love the color and the t-shirt is just a white and burgundy baseball tee. 

This black chiffon lace up long sleeve shirt is from a boutique called Chaplin in Amsterdam. Since lace up is a huge trend right now I knew I had to get it. 

Next to the shirt is a little travel Givenchy Bag and with some airplane essentials. Sometimes when you fly first class with certain airlines they will give you a cute travel bag with some goodies. And let's be honest, what's better than free Givenchy. 

Pictured here is all the jewelry I bought. I didn't buy much but I did find a few cute things. In the front is this necklace that was hand made and I found at a flea market. Behind that it this pair of stone earrings that I got at a flea market in Amsterdam. Then I have this black and gold chocker necklace that I got in a store in Amsterdam called River Island (I love this because its adjustable). And in the back are 3 dainty rings and some metallic temporary tattoos from a store that's kind of like H&M I just can't remember the name. 

And finally I have some souvenir type items (all items pictured are from Amsterdam). The ceramic house on the right I got on my flight to Amsterdam as a gift. You can't buy the exact item in Amsterdam but you can get something similar. 

Next to that is a bottle of Heineken beer that I got my name printed on (if you didn't know Heineken beer originated in Amsterdam!). On the left is this little ceramic white and blue windmill and clogs (two things The Netherlands are known for). At the bottom is this painted picture of the city at night that I bought a flea market. 

At the top is a beer stein (the white and navy ceramic cup) which is something unique to Germany. It was a little bit pricey but it is definitely something I probably won't come across again. Next to it is a little shot glass that I got when I went to a wine tasting in Rudesheim, Germany. At the bottom is of course some chocolate and a University of Heidelberg sticker that I got along with the university apparel. 

If you didn't already pick this up the next place I am going to talk about is GERMANY! 

Stay tuned for more travel diaries about the other places I visited in Europe and for more info on how my trip to Europe went, make sure to check out my Amsterdam and Strasbourg Travel Diaries in my travel section!

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