And So The Adventure Continues: Juno Beach, FL Travel Diary

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So excited to finally be doing a travel diary on one of my favorite places to travel to! Juno Beach is a place I love coming to as much as I can during the year and truly is my little getaway from the craziness of New York.

So for my last little hurrah before the start of school, my family and I spent 7 beautiful days in Palm Beach where we soaked up the sun, relaxed, and just enjoyed the end of summer :)

Day 1-->
On my first morning in Juno, I decided to go exploring and take some pictures of really pretty spots on the beach. The great thing about the beach I live by is that the beauty is still there every time you visit and there is always something new to discover. The weather was really nice this day so the pictures turned out nice!

(I always thought that this long grass made for a cool pic)

(this is one of the many entrances to the beach)

Just a picture of me and my cute dog (yes she is wearing a life jacket and yes its because she doesn't like to swim)

And she kept jumping in front of the camera so I gave her a little photo shoot of her own :P

We tried to teach my dog how to swim this day (but yet again we weren't so successful, I think she is scared she might sink, even with the life vest on haha). 

After enjoying the sunshine for a while, spending time in the pool with my dog and family, and reading a good book by the ocean, I made my way to the hair salon for my hair cut. 

Oddly enough, the hair salon I always go to is all the way down here in Florida. But what can I say. New York charges way too much for a good cut or color. 

Later that night we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Vic & Angelos, that we have been going to for years. They make really good pizza, chicken parmesan, pasta, and their desserts are to die for. I will have some pics posted on my Pinterest under the board "Palm Beach Eats" if you want to check out what the food looks like at all the restaurants I mention (unfortunately most of the places I couldn't find on Pinterest but I did my best to find similar looking food so you can get an idea).

Day 2-->

In the morning, I took a little impromptu run around the lake next to our house to get some exercise. It's a really nice place to run, bike ride, or just explore.

(how cute is my beach cruiser bike :)


After my morning run I spent most of the day outside and then decided to take a bike ride with my brother and sister to the pier. The pier is a great place to grab an ice cream and go fishing. And it's a really nice place to get those artsy pics :)

Before dinner, I decided to treat myself to a nice relaxing bath, because when your on vacation its always good to give yourself a little TLC. 

This night my brother, sister and I stayed in to eat while my parents went out with some friends. So nothing to eventful happened this night :P

Day 3-->

Today was another day spent outside. I played with my dog, went into the ocean for the first time this whole trip, went in the pool, and played a round of golf with my dad. Golf is one of my favorite pastimes and Florida has some really nice courses to play on :)

I do not have any pictures of the golf-course because I forgot to bring my camera, but I have something even better. A lot of pro-golfers and a few celebrities usually play at my course and sometimes if your lucky, you will see them. If your brave enough you can ask them for a picture. This time I went, I was lucky enough to see Michael Jordan! I literally freaked out. 

If you didn't know, Michael Jordan (because well he is an awesome athlete) played more sports than just basketball. He also played baseball professionally and golf (not professionally). He was just at the practice range casually practicing golf. It was really cool to see him and he was so nice when I asked him to take a picture with me. 

That night, after all that excitement. We headed to a local fish restaurant called KeĆ© Grill for dinner. This is probably our favorite restaurant in all of Palm Beach because its food is amazing. Like Ruth Chris amazing, except they are known for their fish, not there steak (if you are a restaurant connoisseur you should know what I am talking about). For dessert I had a chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream that was delicious. 

Day 4-->
This was a chill day and I spent most of my time at the beach with my family. The ocean was beautiful and the waves were huge! Perfect for boogie boarding, surfing, etc. That afternoon I went back to my house, hit up the gym and got ready so I could take some pictures at the beach before dinner.

 (look at this beautiful sunset starting!)

For dinner we went to a newer American restaurant called J.Alexanders. They had a really good menu and the food was very tasty. Definitely would recommend.

Day 5-->
Another day at the beach (if you can't tell already, I spent the whole trip basically outside, at the beach). I went shopping at the mall early in the day to pick up a few things and the rest of the day was mostly a photoshoot day haha. So here's is a bunch more pics of me at my house and the beach.

(dress--> Nordstrom)

(if you're wondering this is the same dress featured in my Favorite Summer Fashion Finds post, so if you want to know where it is from go check that out). 

Dinner was chill this night. We just decided to pick up some sandwiches and smoothies from Tropical Smoothie (which is really good by the way). And for dessert we went to this homemade ice cream place called Sloan's in downtown.

Day 6-->
This day I woke up early to see if I could find baby sea turtles hatching. August is nesting season and a lot of the baby turtles end up hatching this time of year. Unfortunately I didn't sea any turtles :( but I did get see a beautiful early morning sunrise and some baby turtle tracks.

(now I am not so sure these are turtle tracks, I bet it was just some bird walking around :(

After spending so much time at the beach this vacation, I decided to take a break and just hang at the pool.

This night went went to a steak place for dinner called III Forks. Great steak place, if you are in the area you should check it out. Fun fact, Florida is the restaurant with the most restaurants because a lot of restaurant businesses start down their before they branch out to other places. That's why there is always tons of places to eat and new food to try (foodies will love it here)!

Day 7-->
This was our last day in Florida so we decided to make the most of it! I decided to wake up early again this morning to go paddle boarding in the inlet. The water was super calm and I got to see a few turtles and stingrays. If your lucky you can sometimes see some really cute manatees . Paddle boarding is really fun and such a great work out, totally recommend trying it out.

When we got back we were so exhausted we just decided to take a nap and hangout. Once we were recharged we went to the outlets and to do some back to school shopping. Palm Beach has a great outlet mall (that relatively new) and they are always adding stores. I got a bunch of nice things and scored some huge savings.

We had an evening flight so after the outlets we went back home, closed up the house, did our last minute packing, and headed to the airport.

I am so glad I got to come back to Juno Beach right before the start of school again. It was great to recharge and relax before an upcoming hectic and busy school year.

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As always thanks for reading ;)


  1. That bike is so cute, very tumblr!
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    1. Thanks! Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know what you think I should do next.