Strasbourg, France Travel Diary

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Being that Strasbourg was the first place I had ever visited in France, you guys can probably imagine that I was very excited. I imagined myself strolling down streets lined with stores like Chanel, Hermes, Celine, and Cartier, spending all my time and money shopping in little boutiques and eating at the best bakeries. Unfortunately, this day dream was better suited for a place like Paris rather than Strasbourg, but nevertheless, Strasbourg was a unique experience in itself. The only French city to have switched nationalities multiple times since its founding, Strasbourg is both a French and German city. Despite its conflicting personalities, Strasbourg still manages to have that French charm that everybody looks for when visiting France.


In the morning we went for a bike tour of the city. Unfortunately, it started raining 15 minutes in and we ended up doing a combination of stopping and biking in the rain for the next hour and a half.  During the bike tour we went over a bridge that crosses the Rhine River (connecting Germany and France). The bridge had a beautiful view of the river and was decorated with a bunch of locks just like the ones you see on the 3 famous bridges in Paris. We also went through a few parks and saw a few other famous sites (a palace, and a royal summer home). After the bike tour we took some pictures at the Cathedral de Notre Dame de Strasbourg (not the famous Notre Dame Cathedral that’s in Paris). The pictures, although amazing, do not do this Cathedral justice, it’s definitely something you must see in person.

For lunch we really wanted pizza so we decided to go to an Italian and French restaurant near the Cathedral called La Dome. Although the pizza was good, it definitely does not come close to the quality of an Italian or New York pizza.

 (pizza yum!)

After grabbing a bite to eat we started we did some shopping. I thought I would find a lot of nice things in Strasbourg (given that it is France, and the French really know fashion), but I didn’t find much. However, I am still happy with what I did get (if you guys want to see a Europe Haul just let me know in the comments below).

We were so exhausted after shopping and our morning bike ride that we decided to go back to the hotel to take a nap and shower.

(how cute are these houses)

For dinner we headed to La Petit France. La Petit France, known by the locals as Old Town, is the cutest area in the city. Very much inspired by Strasbourg’s German roots all the buildings are a cross between old fashioned German and French architecture. We ate at a place called La Corde a Linge. The service was incredible. Our food came out in 10 minutes and I mean 10 MINUTES! That’s how long it takes at a fast food restaurant and this is a fancy restaurant, and it was extremely busy! The staff was so attentive and the food was delicious. Totally recommend that you go there if you visit Strasbourg.

 (spatzle, a french speciality)

(hamburger with swiss cheese, mixed salad, potatoes)

After a whole day of excitement, we headed back to the hotel to relax and watch a movie :)

Even though I only spent a day in Strasbourg, and I didn’t get to see the whole city, I enjoyed the city so much that I plan on visiting again.

As I mentioned earlier, please let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a Europe Haul.

As always thanks for reading!

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