Juno. The Dog or the Beach

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Recently, I welcomed a new member into my family, an adorable old English bulldog named Juno. A few days ago she turned 4 months old and she is the sweetest and goofiest dog you will ever meet.

My family and I named her Juno after the beach where our vacation home in Florida is located. Juno Beach has a special place in our lives and because we don’t live there year round, having our dog Juno with us keeps that second home close by.

A few weeks ago, as we do every June, my family and I spent a week at our home in Juno Beach. Having spent many weeks in Juno in my lifetime, we have pretty much exhausted all that there is to do there and in the surrounding area. However, for people visiting for their first time, one can argue there is too much to see and experience in one vacation.

The reason my family and I love our little corner of the world so much is because of the overall experience you get when you go there. Whenever I come back from a vacation there I feel like a new person; relaxed, stress free, and more inspired.

Culture, delicious food, exotic animals, endless shopping, and beauty surrounds you every time you journey there. Amazing pieces of art at festivals and street fairs are created from unbelievably talented artists. Every kind of restaurant you can imagine exists and they all have the best tasting food. There is an amazing zoo, wildlife sanctuary, sea turtle center, and drive through safari all within five minutes to an hour away. And very few places in the world can you see a sea turtle lay eggs in the sand on the beach you walk on and see those baby turtles hatch weeks later.
Juno Beach really is a special place and I look forward to going there again in August!

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