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Friday, July 22, 2016

Everyone seems to be obsessed with food these days, especially on social media. So I know I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to post about some of the cool places I ate in Amsterdam. 

Let me start by saying that this is one European city you won’t have to worry about finding a place to eat. Amsterdam has all sorts of cuisine from Chinese, to Italian, to Thai, to Japanese, to Indian, to American, you name it they got it.

(Be sure to read my previous post to know what I am talking about)

Day 1:

After visiting the Van Gogh Museum, I headed to a local café called Blushing to grab a chocolate chip muffin and a strawberry banana smoothie. This café was so cute and Pinterest perfect that I had to take a ton of pictures. The food was great, the service was fast, and I highly recommend going there for breakfast or lunch if you visit Amsterdam.

(this will definitely be my new brunch spot when I decide to move to Amsterdam haha)

For lunch we went to a little food stand at a local flea market and purchased some paninis. I got a delicious chicken pesto panini and some lemonade (by the way, basically every place we walked in sold chicken pesto paninis. I think its some sort of "thing" there). Then we went to grab some dessert at a food truck in the flea market called Wafel Pop and I got one of these cool waffles on a stick.

(how cute are these!)

For dinner we went to a fancy Italian restaurant called Campo de Fiori and sat outside in the garden. Even though the service was slow (coming from a native New Yorker), the food was authentic Italian and turned out great.

Instead of eating dessert at Campo de Fiori we decided to eat at our hotel. The dessert we had looked more like a piece of art than a dessert :o

But besides that dessert the hotel had all sorts of other desserts like these ones below.

(Europeans are clearly very passionate about how they present their food)

Day 2:

On our second morning in Amsterdam we decided to eat the buffet breakfast at the hotel. The spread was outstanding and I wish I had taken some pictures to show you guys. So far it’s the best buffet breakfast I have had in Europe so far.

During our shopping trip this day we found a bunch of different cheese shops. The Dutch are known for their cheese, and since I  am obsessed with cheese (and I mean obsessed) I had to pick some up. The shop was well set up and they let you try each of the cheeses before buying them. After trying most of the cheese I was ready to buy the store. If anything, you have to try the truffle cheese, its to die for. 

While shopping we also passed a bunch of bakeries serving a variety of mouthwatering treats (in Amsterdam they are obsessed with Nutella, and actually I think it originated there). 

This day we decided to skip lunch because we were so busy doing shopping and sightseeing so all I ate was a granola bar as a snack.

For dinner we went to this little Chinese restaurant called Ginger near the Heineken Brewery. The service was slow and the food was mediocre but the dessert was so good. So if I were you I would skip right to dessert. 

(Belgian waffles really are the best :)

Day 3:

This was our last morning in Amsterdam and since we left before lunch the only thing I ate this day was the hotel’s buffet breakfast and a brownie for a snack from a local sweets shop.

More Europe posts coming soon, so stay tuned! As always thanks for reading. 

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